Google’s announcement April Fool’s Day

Google’s announcement April Fool’s Day

Google’s announcement April Fool’s Day

You think that folks at Google are very tech-savvy people, right? OK, I agree with you. But Google proves that they are not just techy, but really funny too! Keep reading.
It seems Google prefers April 1 (yes, fools’s day) to annouce their plans and new services. Sometimes the announcement will be April fool’s day joke or could be real serious one. Well, people really get confused nowadays whether Google’s annoucement is really serious or just kidding.

Google MentalPlex (2000)

Google announced MentalPlex search technology that read user’s mind to determine what the user wanted to search for. No need to actually type in the search query. What a wonderful tool, right?
Try Google MentalPlex Search. Read the instructions fully. Do not forget to read the MentalPlex FAQ and Google MentalPlex Illustrations.

Google’s PigeonRank Technology (2002)

Have you ever wondered how exactly Google manage to find the right results for every query as quickly as it does? The key is PigeonRank, developed by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin PigeonRank’s success relies primarily on the superior trainability of the domestic pigeon (Columba livia) and its unique capacity to recognize objects regardless of spatial orientation. Interesting, huh? Read more about how pigeons help keep Google #1 Search Engine. It is important that you read till the end of the page!

Google Copernicus Center (2004)

Google Copernicus Hosting Environment and Experiment in Search Engineering (G.C.H.E.E.S.E.) is hiring for engineering positions, opening late in the spring of 2007. Its Google’s lunar hosting and research center. Read about GCHEESE and Lunar Job Opportunities!

Google Gulp with Auto-Drink (2005)

According to Google, this beverage would optimize one’s use of the Google search engine by increasing the drinker’s intelligence! Wow!

Although Google Gulps is free, Google claimed the beverage could only be obtained by returning the cap of a Google Gulp bottle to a local grocery store!
Google Gulp was said to occasionally send data about one’s use of the product via a wireless transmitter in the base of the Google Gulp bottle. It would be received at the GulpPlex!

GulpPlex is a heavily guarded, massively parallel server farm whose location is known only to Eric Schmidt, who carries its GPS coordinates on a 64-bit-encrypted smart card locked in a stainless-steel briefcase handcuffed to his right wrist.

BTW, GMail was annouced on April 1, 2004 and people thought it is another hoax!

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3 Reasons Facebook Questions

The 3 Reasons to use Facebook Questions

3 Reasons  Facebook Questions

A couple of months ago, Facebook rolled out their new “Questions” feature.

This addition, which you’ve more than likely noticed over the last month next to your share: status, photo, link, or video options can be used as an extremely powerful marketing tool.

Here are 3 reasons why you should be using Questions as part of your fan page arsenal:

1. Learn About Your Audience

By conducting polls, you have the power to ask your audience about their likes and dislikes. Find out their favorite TV shows, music, website, ect and get a better idea about the type of audience your site attracts. This will allow you to get a better idea about who your audience really is. If you check the box “allow anyone to post options” your polls will grow and change depending on your audiences preferences.

2. Get Recommendations to Improve Your Site

You can ask your fans what content they want more of, what they find useful about your site, or what improvements they would like to see. At the end of the day, the customer is always right and if you can find out what they like, you are almost always guaranteed success.

3. It could go viral

Any question you ask has the potential to go viral very quickly. Every time one of your fans answers one of your questions, it will show up on their profile and their newsfeed. From there, any one of that person’s friends can answer the question. If you happen to ask a unique or entertaining question, it can quickly spread across thousands of profiles. If you ask the question from your fan page, your page will show up under “Asked By”, so if it goes viral, thousands of people will be directed to your fan page!

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Indian Railways Real-time Train Location Tracking

Indian Railways Real-time Train Location Tracking

 Indian Railways Real-time Train Location Tracking

Indian Railways in association with ISRO, will soon launch real-time tracking of the trains using GPS devices. The information will be used for avoiding collisions, train scheduling and also for helping passengers to know the exact train location for their travel planning.

The Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) in association with ISRO has developed a GPS-based solution which can provide exact location of a train with an accuracy of 10 metres, and latency of 2 minutes, on a real-time basis. ISRO’s INSAT-3C satellite will aid in location of moving trains.

The GPS devices would be fitted in about 100 trains, enabling the trains to know each other’s location and thus avoiding collision. The GPS application is also expected to aid in better planning of train schedules, especially in bad weather.

CRIS has integrated the GPS app with Google Maps, making the real-time location available to passengers as well, on their mobile or computer.

The facility to track train movements will soon be available on the Indian railway website at

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10 ideas to get get more comment on facebook

Use 10 Ideas & Get more Comment on Facebook post

10 ideas to get get more comment on facebook

So, you’ve built a Facebook presence for your company or organization, you’ve added tons of fans, and now you wonder, what’s next? Sure, you use your Facebook page to share the latest news about your company and to reach out to new customers, but most of the time your page just sits there. Look at some of the big Facebook pages, what do they have going for them that you do not? The answer is interactivity. The best Facebook pages are those that have posts, likes and especially comments from the fans. Therefore, if nothing exciting is going on, here are some ideas, fun and practical, for posts you can make to get your fans talking back.

1. Spoilers

This is one of the best ways to build suspense and excitement about your product or service. Give your fans a taste of what is coming up, without completely giving it away. Similar to a movie trailer or promo spot for a television show, pique their interest.

2. Personal Insight

Use your Facebook posts to give your fans a little insight into who you are as a person. People want to relate to the products and services they use, and if they learn more about the person behind the page, they will feel that connection with you.

3. Topical Jokes

Find jokes, comics or puns related to your company or industry. Generally if people bother to “like” your page, they at least have a passing interest in the field you’re involved with. This may take a bit of effort on your part, but find posts to make your fans smile.

4. Links

Along the same lines, share useful and fun links with your fans. You do not want to bombard them with hundreds of messages like this, but if you find a useful app, page or even an amazing video, do not be afraid to share it with your fans.

5. Challenges

This is especially useful for Facebook app pages, but can be adapted for nearly any page. Challenge your fans to beat a high score, discover new content or add something to your page. People naturally want to prove themselves and a challenge is sure to appeal to those with a competitive side.

6. Contests

You do not have to offer anything major, but hold a drawing, ask a trivia question or any otherwise host a contest for your fans. Just giving away a T-shirt with your logo or a credit for your services will encourage your fans to jump in and participate.

6. Contests

You do not have to offer anything major, but hold a drawing, ask a trivia question or any otherwise host a contest for your fans. Just giving away a T-shirt with your logo or a credit for your services will encourage your fans to jump in and participate.

8. Holiday Wishes

Take time to wish your customers and fans a happy holiday. You don’t have to limit yourself to the more typical holidays. Wish your fans a happy Chinese New Year, Cinco De Mayo or even “Talk Like a Pirate Day.”

9. Fun at the Office

Another way to prove yourself as a “real” person instead of just a faceless corporation is to give your fans an insight into the company. Take some pictures of you and your staff at work or play and share these with your fans.

10. Commentary on Current Events

This is one you want to be careful with, you likely want to avoid strong political leanings, but mentioning current events is always a great way to get people talking; everyone has an opinion.

These are just a few of the types of posts you can make that will get your fans interacting on your Facebook fan page. If your page is more interactive, not only will your current fans be more likely to come back and check out what’s new, they may share your posts on their own feed, which will lead new fans directly to your page. Take the time to make regular posts on your Facebook page so it does not become stagnant, and you are certain to reap the benefits of a larger and more active fan base.

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The timeline feature

The timeline feature on Facebook for fan page owners

The timeline feature
The timeline feature on Facebook is rolling out for regular users as of mid to late December 2011. For regular users of the website, the timeline is a convenient way to view all of the activities they have recorded on Facebook since they created their account. Additionally, there are features added to make the profile page more attractive and better express the personality of the user.

However, the timeline feature is not ready to roll out for brand pages quite yet. Facebook is currently focused on rolling out the feature to its non-branded user base. In many ways, this is a good thing. It gives you the chance to see the timeline concept in action and decide how it will work with your own internal marketing plans. With any luck, the timeline will be available soon, because it looks to be an excellent way to increase brand awareness on a Facebook “about” page.


Instead of simply listing the stories in a long senseless stream, stories are now organized and sortable. It is possible to click on a certain year or month and see the stories from this month. The page owner can highlight certain stories to make them appear larger, and can easily remove stories they don’t want to appear.This will be especially useful for page owners because they can constantly keep promotional information highlighted and easy to read.


While not as important for brand users as it may be for regular users, the timeline is designed to work well with many popular apps. Depending on your business this can be a fun way to connect with your customers. The connectivity with popular music and media sites can easily allow you to share some of your personality with your customers. As time goes by there will certainly be even more apps included, many of which may make your social networking tasks even easier.


The interface of the timeline makes it especially easy for fans and customers to learn more about you. If the setup is similar to how it is for regular users, there is an easy link to more information about you, other fans things you like and maps or other data. The timeline concept, when it is available for brand pages, will encourage longer views of your page and more user interaction.

Cover Photo

This is the most noticeable part of the new timeline concept. The cover photo can be nearly any Facebook-legal photo or image, allowing for the ability to personalize the experience. On the current rollout that is available to regular users, advertising banners are not allowed, but it is assumed that branded photos will be acceptable when the timeline is opened to business users.

The cover photo size is 850×315. This size really dominates the screen, without overwhelming the viewer. It would be the perfect place to improve brand recognition and tie your entire page together. Since it is easy to switch the cover photo, you could conceivably change this picture seasonally, monthly or even more often to encourage repeat visitors. A company with a skilled internal artist could consider regularly changing the image, while retaining the brand recognition, the way Google does each day with its logo.


The timeline is one of Facebook’s biggest changes to date. Even though it is still under works for use by brand pages, it is never too early to start planning how this will affect your Facebook marketing strategy. View this as a new way to connect with those who stop by your page, and take advantage of the chance to build your brand recognition using these free tools that Facebook provides.

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